Home Series - Irene - What does home mean to you?

In these series we meet Palaver friends and customers at their home or favourite place.

(Irene is wearing Odette Midi Dress in Beige and JUNO Knit in Walnut)

What does home mean to you?

When I feel at home, I don't have to be or do anything. I can just be me. Where I can just be in peace. I also feel at home in places where I can be creative, somewhere where I can relax and don't have to do anything.

(Irene is wearing Hirami Jumper in Taupe)

What is something you do during the holidays?

During the holidays I love making Christmas cards. I've always loved illustrating and making little cards and sending them to people I love. I usually do this together with my mother in law, we draw together, have fun and just make a fun day out of it. When sending these to our loved ones, it may inspire other people to do the same.

(Irene is wearing Odette Midi Dress in Peach)

Tell us something about your home:

My house is a bit of a mishmash of everything thrown together. I have a lot of things from Mallorca, because my family lives there. It's located in the centre of Amsterdam in such a lovely neighbourhood. We also have a little balcony, even when it's winter, it's nice to sit there and enjoy a cup of coffee. I really made it my own and I feel at home here.

What do the holidays mean to you?

I always look forward to the holidays. It's so nice being with family, friends or even just enjoying the holidays by yourself, cosy at home. I love candle lights, coming together for Christmas, feasting together. Every year I decorate my olive tree instead of a traditional Christmas tree. I love the little fairy lights in the tree. It's such a nice time to be together and having the best time.

(Irene is wearing Odette Midi Dress in Beige and JUNO Knit in Walnut)

What does love mean to you?

Love to me, are all the little things put together. Not just love for your family or your friends, but also love for the small things in your daily life. Love for own home, your city or even biking around: are small things in my life that make me happy.

Is there something else that means a lot to you?

Music has always played a big role in my life. At home I always have music on, and I like playing a record. It adds to the vibe at home. My boyfriend also loves going to the record shop to buy new records. We have a good set of speakers so you can really hear the music well.

See more of Irene's story in the video that we made:

What does home mean to you?