Juno Knit Cardigan - Walnut


We made a beautiful knit cardigan that you can easily combine with the rest of your wardrobe.

This Knit Cardigan is also available in the colour Taupe.

75% Superfine Wool. 25% Baby Suri Alpaca. Knitted in Portugal. Yarn spun in Italy.

Soft and silky to touch with the lustre of a rare alpaca fiber blended with superfine wool.


Our JUNO Knit has an oversized fit. One size fits all.

 Check our size chart in our footer for more details. Please send us a private message on Instagram to help you find the right size!

* cold hand wash
* do not tumble dry
* do not soak
* dry flat
* Use delicate detergent for wool or cashmere
* Superfine wool garments do not need frequent cleaning. They do not retain odors but if exposed to odor (for example, in a restaurant) it is enough to hang them in fresh air.

75% Superfine wool 25% Baby Suri alpaca. Knitted in Portugal, Yarn spun in Italy.

Super Fine Wool
Superfine wool is renowned for its high quality and is softer and smoother to touch than normal wool and provides warmth while being very lightweight.
But that is not all. The yarn is stronger and softer and more even because, at equal yarn count there are more superfine wool fibres in the cross section compared to normal wool.

Baby Suri Alpaca
Suri is a special type of alpaca and makes up less than 10% of the peruvian alpaca population. Suri fibres are more similar to natural silk and the fibres used by the atelier are from the first sheering of the suri alpaca. Not only soft and luxurious but also durable fibre. 

Wool is 100% traceable
Wool is certified SustainaWOOL. Wool is 100% traceable. Wool that is 100% traceable means that each lot of wool can be traced back to the farm of origins through the Chain of Custody method.

SustainaWOOL™ defines minimum acceptable standards for sheep welfare, minimum standards for good farm management practice, work, health and safety, and the standards of facilities through which sheep and wool pass sets out requirements for wool preparation by trained and/or careful shearers, the wool is prepared and compliant with the AWEX Standard: Wool Classer Code of Practice, and that the wool is classed by a registered Professional or Owner wool classer.

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"I'm soo happy that I finally saved up for it! I wear it almost every day. I'm also happy with the fit: you can wear it closed, but wearing the cardigan without the buttons closed is nice as well. A cardigan to wear for a life time! I'm also very sensitive to itchy fabrics, and this knitwear isn't itchy at all. It's so much softer than all the other the other cardigans that I've tried. Super well done!" - Charlotte Muter

"Such a beautiful cardigan!! I was out and a lady came up to and asked if the cardigan was from Palaver! How lovely! She thinks the cardigan is very beautiful too!! <3" - Dominique Rijpma

"The most incredible cardigan! It's the best purchase I've made in a long time. I've been wearing it 3 days straight. And also the DEIA Coat. Such beautiful quality. Thank you!" - Emma Josien

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Juno Knit Size 
34 (XS) - 40(L)
Bust 55.5cm
Hem 47.5cm
Sleeve 61cm
Length 64cm
Juno Knit Size
42 (XL) - 46 (3XL)
Bust 59cm
Hem  47.5cm
Sleeve  64cm
Length  67cm

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