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Welcome to PALAVER

FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

Please find the most Frequent Asked Questions below.


Returns and Shipping


Q: How long does it take until my order gets here? (within The Netherlands)

A: We aim to send your package within 1-2 working days. If you order before 12:00pm, we aim to send your package the same day or the next business day. 

Q: How do I return my item(s)? (within The Netherlands)

A: You can return your item within 2 weeks (with tags still attached and not worn outside). If you simply would like to return your item(s), you can send it straight back to our postal address: PALAVER B.V. Postbus 59557, 1040LB Amsterdam.


  • if you're printing out a label online, please put the postal number as the house number
  • write on the receipt or a piece of paper what you want to do with your order (for example: return it, exchange it for a different size, other)
  • once we've received your item, we will process your return (refund your amount OR exchange for a different size) within 5 working days. Please only e-mail us when the 5 working days have passed, unless you have an urgent matter. We try our best to answer to every customer and put our love and care into every message we get.

If your item is damaged, faulty or you have a specific question regarding your return or exchange, please send us an e-mail to

Q: How do I return my item(s)? (outside of The Netherlands)

A: You can return your item within 2 weeks (with tags still attached and not worn outside). Please send us an e-mail to for a different return address if you're returning from outside of The Netherlands.

Q: Can I pick up my order somewhere in Amsterdam?

A: No. Unfortunately we don't have a store or a place yet where you can pick up your order. All our orders are send from our warehouse outside of Amsterdam where you can't pick up or return/exchange your item.




Q: How do I know what size to pick? 

A: The one thing we love the most: is help you find the right size! We know online shopping can be hard but our team wears samples for at least a couple of months, so that we know exactly how the garment moves and what sizes to get based on your height, measurements and preference.

All sizing questions can be directed to Instagram (or if you don't have an Instagram send us an e-mail at Please don't hesitate to send us a private message on Instagram (@palavershop). We will give you photos and videos examples to help you find the right size.

You can also find all the exact measurements in our detailed size chart.

Q: How do I style your items?

A: We try out many different outfits and post it on our Instagram. We currently have a series that's called: Styling Sessions. We will highlight different products and show you different ways of styling it with items you may already have in your wardrobe.


Stockists / Wholesale


Q: Can I try your clothes on somewhere? Do you have a store?

A: Unfortunately we don't have store yet and we only sell our entire collection online at

Currently we only stock at Atelier Sukha in Amsterdam (they stock our Linen Blend Jumpsuit, Original Version, colours: Black and Oatmeal and DEIA Wool Coat, colours: Egg Shell and Paddington Brown).

We currently are planning for our wholesale next year. We have a few spots left. Please send an e-mail to Aliska (Head of Design & Production) for our wholesale opportunities.




Q: Who is behind PALAVER?

We're a small team with a big vision! We're based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Find out more about Co-Founders of PALAVER: Cylia & Aliska: in our Behind The Brand series.




Q: Do you currently have any pop-ups or events planned?

We currently have the following events going on:

  • JUNO Knit: try on and purchase our JUNO Knit Cardigan at Hotel âme in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. *For one month only, from December 2021 to January 2022*. Location: Eendrachtsweg 19, Rotterdam.
  • Holiday special: PALAVER X Hotel ame. Book your a stay at Hotel ame and enjoy a closet full of PALAVER items. Once you've booked your stay, e-mail your receipt to so we can prepare your closet full of clothes. Make sure to send us an e-mail at least a week before your stay. Important: because of COVID, we will extend our holiday special until the next year 2022. Don't hesitate to ask us anything about the special to You can find more info on our Instagram here.




Q: Do you do sale?

A: No. When we do decide to do a sale or discount on item(s), it's for a reason and for a limited time only. We don't offer sales after every season, like some other brands do. We wouldn't simply be able to afford to make our items because they're all made fair and locally, within the EU and we choose fabrics that aren't synthetic and are of better quality. Which results into lower cost per wear, because you'll be able to wear it for a longer time.

Please read more in our Behind The Brand blogs here.


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