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We’ve been on a journey trying to find the exact right wool for quite some time. We wanted it to be 100% wool, environmentally friendly, no synthetics added, warm and for it to offer some protection against the elements. It has been no easy feat but we’ve finally found it in and in the exact right colours. We’re so happy.

Meet our DEIA Coats in Egg Shell. The only coat you'll need this winter.

This coat is made from 100% organic pure virgin wool. This means that the wool is shorn directly from living sheep. Pure virgin wool has not been treated, processed or woven before in anyway. Because of this it is high quality and provides excellent protection from the elements.

Virgin wool is naturally breathable in both cold and warmer weather, water-repellant, durable and insulating. It resists wrinkles, stains and orders. The wool is spun in Europe and the fibres are a mixture of European, South American and Australian wool. A secret recipe of the spinner!

A coat like this would normally sell at a retail price between €400 - €600 but we believe in honest pricing and want to make good quality more accessible to everyone.

This coat is also available in the colour Paddington Brown.

This coat comes with a belt, so you can create a different look and create a waist.

Our DEIA Coat has an oversized fit and is suitable for heights up to 1.90m. Our sizing of our coat mainly depends on your height.

Exact measurements of the DEIA Coat:

Bust 55cm - Waist 56cm - Hip 57 cm - Length 122,8cm - Sleeve length 80cm - Shoulder to shoulder 42cm.

Bust 57 - Waist 57,7 - Hip 59 - Shoulder to shoulder 43 - Length 123,3 - Sleeve length 81cm.

Bust 59 - Waist 59,7 - Hip 61 - Shoulder to shoulder 44 - Length 123,3 - Sleeve length 81,8.

Please e-mail us at or send us a message on Instagram to help you find the right size!

Our DEIA Coat is Dry clean only. Please take proper care of your wool coat when it rains and when storing your coat in your wardrobe, so it can last for many years to come. We advise storing your coat on a wooden hanger or by folding it. So the weight of the coat does not stretch the shoulder areas out of shape.

100% Organic Pure Virgin Wool. 
Wool fibres are a mixture of European, South American and Australian wool - a secret recipe of the spinner. Spun and woven in Europe.

We ship from our Warehouse in the Netherlands. Our aim is to ensure that you receive your order as fast as possible, while ensuring that it is safely and securely packed for its transportation.

Palaver is not responsible for delays in shipping or delivery due to force of nature or other uncontrollable events.

You can return your item within 2 weeks. We will process your return within 5 working days.

Please read more about our Shipping & Returns in our footer.

"The DEIA Coat is so worth the investment. You've thought about everything. The fit is perfect, the fabric feels great and the design is timeless. This is a coat that I will enjoy for many years to come. Actually, all my Palaver clothes are of such good quality. It's made with love." - Mariette Vleuven

“I love my DEIA coat. I was looking for a high quality timeless coat to wear wherever whenever, and now I got it! The colour is great, it really goes with everything. The quality is amazing, starting from the buttons and seams to the fabric itself. I feel great wearing it and know that I will wear it for years to come.“ - Iiris Varjonen

“You ladies have created the perfect coat. Not only is the fabric and cut amazing, but it has this innate ability to make you feel like you are on top of the world. Been wearing it non-stop while out and about and on my daily walks. Just love love love. Can’t wait to eventually try a few more pieces from you.“ - Sunitha Ramakrishna

“I have been walking around in the DEIA coat in Egg shell for over a month now, and I'm never taking it off again. I feel very beautiful in the jacket, and it fits wonderfully! it gives me a very nice feeling knowing that the jacket is produced in a fair way. I really recommend it!" - Julia Frieling

“Amazing coat!! I’ve already gotten a lot of compliments and rightly so, because it is so beautiful. And even now with this current weather I am not cold. This coat will remain my favorite for a very long time! <3.” - Zhen Asscheman

”This is my very first item from palaver, and what a great one! I really hesitated, but now that I got it, I know I will wear this coat for a long time and will wear it a lot. The finish is so beautiful, the colour of the coat is so much more beautiful in real life! I get a lot of compliments, and all because of you! <3.” - Elize Jakobs

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