Behind The Brand: Talking About Doubt

The Co-Founders of PALAVER share their story, vision and journey in a short journal. This week: talking about doubt.

For us, doubt was real in many cases…

Doubt was real when:

  • When we launched our first collection (in 2018) with no big investments
  • When we couldn’t pay ourselves a wage for a while
  • When we finally hit a success point but then couldn’t keep up with production

Doubt will always be there, even after having success. From the outside looking in, we view ‘successful’ as being ‘accomplished, the hard work is done’. But that’s far from true. It usually only starts when you’ve hit that point because we’re experiencing growing pains as a company once we started growing more (great power comes with great responsibility).

Doubt will always be there, simply because we’re human. But accepting that, is not easy. Trust us, we’ve been there. Nothing worth anything comes easy, because growth is always out of our comfort zone.

And in our case: if our intention is to really grow our company there comes a point where we have to choose: are we going all in? Or are we just staying the same as a business? And that’s scary, going all in. Because that means growing pains both mentally and financially.

We seem to be more scared of the light than we are scared of the darkness. Scared of our own potential seems strange, but that’s usually what’s holding us back. Doubt. It starts and ends with yourself. The only one stopping you is, you. The point is: you have to take the time to really feel it (whatever it is that you have to feel at that moment) and once you’ve felt it: you can give it a place, and you can move on.

Hope this helps:

  • It is OKAY to fall apart even after you thought you had it under control. You are not weak!
  • I’m not negotiating my value with anyone. I’m worth it. Been worth it. Will forever be worth it.
  • I’m comfortable with waiting a little longer for the things I deserve.
  • Please love yourself instead of loving the idea of other people loving you.
  • Don’t give people so much power over you that their silence leaves you questioning your worth.
  • Sometimes, the things that breaks your heart end up fixing your vision.
  • Self love is realising that you are enough just the way you are. But also that you can choose to become a better version of yourself whenever you choose.

It’s a journey… not sure who needs to hear this, but please take your time.🤎



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