Behind The Brand: This is us.

The Co-Founders of PALAVER share their story, vision and journey in a short journal. This week: an introduction to Aliska and Cylia.

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This is us. Aliska (left) & Cylia (right). Co-Founders of @palavershop.

Truth be told, it took us a while to get to a place where we were comfortable being in front of the camera and showing our faces.

We love our work to speak for itself, but realised quickly that you love seeing who’s behind the brand!

We understand it’s hard to shop online and how you can be completely unsure that what you see online is what you actually receive when you decide to order something. So instead of asking you to get to know and trust our items, it made more sense to invite you to get to know us. Because there are real people behind PALAVER.

We’re not trying to convince you to buy our pieces, we’re just really excited about them ourselves!! The values, quality and fit behind our items are really important to us. When we create we’re thinking of real people: you and us! We test wear the samples at least a couple of months with this in mind.

Just like our clothing, we are also real: two friends who work and try our best to create the thing that is in our hearts to create. It’s really scary putting yourself out there! But here’s to embracing vulnerability and putting yourself out there anyway!

Follow our story and journey to PALAVER. We’ll share more about us and behind the scenes every week. To be continued…


Aliska & Cylia