Behind The Brand: Talking About Bad Habits

The Co-Founders of PALAVER share their story, vision and journey in a short journal. This week: talking about bad habits.

End of the year thoughts: we realise our daily habits can create success in the long term.


Bad habits we’re leaving behind:


Cylia: “There’s a lot I want to improve next year and grow more and more into my authentic self. A bad habit I have is engaging in negative self-talk. I want to talk about my actual feelings and express my emotions when something happens, rather than waiting too long and ending up talking negatively.”


Aliska: “I find it difficult to “let go” and trust the process. Instead, when things dont go to plan, I stress out, try to force things to work which end up not working anyway. What im realising is that solutions are not only about working hard with what you have but also about right timing, patience and thinking constructively. When things dont go to plan, these are the things I want to focus on this year.”


From the outside looking in, you only see someone’s highlight. But fact of the matter is, we don’t have success all the time. No one has. The tip of the iceberg: 80% lays under the water. It’s a lot of trial and error.


The most important thing is that you are happy within yourself and surround yourself with people that celebrate you. You won’t thrive and have success in a toxic environment. If we can give one piece of advice:


“Know yourself well enough to avoid the people, places and things that take you back to the habits you worked so hard to break.” 


What is one habit you’re leaving in 2021?


palaver behind the brand cofounders owners


(Aliska is wearing our Sigourney Blouse in Oatmeal (size S) and EL MAR Pearl Earrings)


palaver behind the brand cofounders owners


(Cylia is wearing our Sigourney Blouse in Oatmeal (size M) and JUNO Knit Cardigan in Taupe (Cropped Version))