Behind The Brand: Most asked question.

The Co-Founders of PALAVER share their story, vision and journey in a short journal. This week: our most asked question.

One of the most common questions we get is: why would I pay so much for a ‘normal’ blouse like that? Or a ‘simple’ dress like that?

To answer your question:

At first it might look like a normal blouse or a simple dress. But simplicity is an art and every detail must be perfect. Its all in the details. One of the most important things about our clothing is the fit, even if it’s just a ‘simple’ top. It looks good on the model but it should look good on everyone else too. That’s why even though it may look ‘simple’ to those who haven’t experienced the clothes, their fit as soon as you put it on you’ll feel the difference.

It’s all in the little details. The details is everything you can see and everything you can’t: it’s how the garment is made: where the seams start and end, 2cm more here and 1 cm less there all add to how the garment ‘falls’ when you wear it. It took us 8 years in total to completely finish the fit of our Linen Jumpsuit (4 different versions, 16 different sizes in total). We’ve had to learn a lot of things the hard way, but we know that’s usually the only way you can truly appreciate and understand the value of something.

It’s a very long process. It’s not a copy paste kind of process that a lot of (fast fashion) brands use: coming up with huge new collections and hopping on trends so fast... It’s impossible for smaller brands to keep up with this fast paced fashion world. It’s one of the things we like least being in fashion… feeling like we need to compete with these brands. Always feeling rushed because our creating and design process takes longer than many trends last in fashion. We decided that the only way we will survive in fashion is if we are true to ourselves. We remind ourselves of this over and over again.

We do our best to only create items that are timeless, premium quality and that you can wear for years to come. We understand it’s a threshold you have to learn to step over: once you’ve experienced items that are made well, clothes you automatically feel great in: clothes that have a story, you get excited about wearing it. You’ll want to shop less and less for the trend and more and more for the quality. A lot of people buy because it’s a trend, because they just need to have it. But maybe ask yourself before you buy next time how many times will I wear it? Because we all know we don’t like that not-so-nice ‘secret’ feeling of purchasing an item, because you made a quick decision when it was on sale.

We’ve been asked why do you price your items so high? But honestly the longer we are in the industry the more we are convinced that we priced many of our items too low for their quality, craftsmanship and design. Try them on and you’ll see! ;) Our clothing is also all made locally, within the EU where fair and safe working conditions are a must and workers are protected.

Over the years we have had so many lovely customers who understand all of this. And that our goal when it comes designing: is to not only design for ourselves but also design for those who understand all the little details. To grow with us and to appreciate what we’ve created from our hearts.

We want to grow as a brand and that means choosing different things then we would’ve in the beginning of our journey. as we mature as a brand, we’d love to invite you along on the journey, hear your thoughts as we get out of our comfort zone (even more), develop new designs and explore new creative directions.

Thanks for listening to our story! Hope you follow along and get to know us a little bit more..  


Cylia & Aliska