Behind The Brand: Then vs. now

The Co-Founders of PALAVER share their story, vision and journey in a short journal.This week: Then vs. Now.

(Back in 2017, Having drinks at the Opera House in Sydney, Australia)

A peek into where we were only 4 years ago: 

2018 (We started Palaver in August 2018) 

Aliska: "In the photo (above) I'm wearing the very first EVER jumpsuit sample for Palaver! I've worn it while I was pregnant with all my 3 girls and still wear it now... who knew a piece of clothing could mean so much. 

I had been living in the Netherlands for two years and was so happy to be back in Australia and able to see my most favourite people, two of which were Cylia and Thomas (Cylia's husband). Its incredible to see how such an unassuming night could have such an impact on the next 5 years (and counting) of my life.

At dinner Cyl and I discovered we had been following a similar path of trying, failing, getting back up again, being scared to get back up again and the feeling of wanting to keep the getting back up again secret...  I remember it was that hot and sticky weather that I love when your skin is always so naturally glowy, we were eating delicious Thai food and it was really smoky in the restaurant. It was there, after dinner and a few drinks, where our "friends turned business partners" journey began. 

Growing up, pennies were few (lucky love was not), so it was a lot about the sale rack for our family. My younger self is continually reminding me of what a privilege it is for me to be working with the quality fabrics that we use at Palaver and how lucky I am to be able to design and wear the clothes we have now. Imposter syndrome creeps in more often than I'd like to admit but Im getting better and better at not letting it get the better of me. Im determined to not let it stop me from pushing forward and getting to where I need to go. 4 years later, Cyl and I are still pushing forward, still challenged with new things daily and still on the brink of something bigger still."

jumpsuit linen palaver


Cylia: "In the photo: Two years into my life in Australia. I took a leap of faith and moved to Sydney with my husband. Before kids, still in our twenties, we thought why not?! We left and only brought 4 suitcases. I quickly realised that it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I even took on a non paid internship to get to know the industry better, turns out I had to deal with a lot of culture shocks.

I tried my hardest to emigrate into a new country, and I couldn’t just keep my dutch clients. Working 10-12 hours time difference was a lot. So after a lot of self reflection, I needed to focus. I went back to what I loved the most: fashion.

Not even a year later (2019), my first child, my daughter Sophia was born and my life completely changed. At this stage Palaver was almost 1 year old and I was doing crazy hours with a newborn baby because Aliska lived in Amsterdam and I lived in Sydney.

Now almost 4 years later, we are back in Amsterdam (we moved back just before covid). And those very same people that didn't believe in me or didn’t take me seriously are the same people who now see me running Palaver. No big investments, just our own money. It takes a lot of courage to keep doing what we’re doing. We’re so determined to make everyone more aware of conscious (shopping) choices. 

Love this quote from Georgia O’Keeffe: “I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.

Everything that we do for Palaver now seems bigger than us two. We have a vision for something more than a fashion label."

What we're trying to say is... a lot can happen in a year, imagine 4 years!

Hope this helps anyone xx 

(This was taken in 2015. Aliska and Cylia 'switched' places. Aliska married a Dutch guy and Cylia was already married to an Australian guy. Aliska moved to Amsterdam, and not long after that Cylia moved to Australia).

((Then vs. Now. Almost 4 years since Palaver was born, but almost 7 years since Aliska and I have been friends)