Behind The Brand: A note from us.

Black friday blues?

A note from us:

We feel that each and everyone of us is on a sustainable fashion journey. Making a difference in our own ways: some of us only buy from sustainable labels, others have committed to a capsule wardrobe, others committing to buying less and/or buying smart.

Some of us are years into our shopping sustainable journey and some of us are just starting. No matter where you are we know that you have a chance to make some concious choices this black friday that could land you some good deals, that, at the same time are environmentally friendly, ethically conscious and support small and/or local businesses.

So if you are shopping this black friday we encourage you to shop responsibly :) Some questions you can keep in mind to help shop black friday smart:

  • Is there a higher price being paid elsewhere for my €10 shirt?
  • Am I supporting small or local business?
  • Are prices this low all year round? Because if yes, then it may be an indication of fast fashion.
  • Can the item I buy transcend multiple fashion seasons?

If you’d like some more tips, have some questions about, or just want to talk sustainable fashion please dont hesitate to reach out! We always love to chat about how we can make better fashion choices for the environment and for the people who make our clothes!

Warmest and with all the love,

Aliska & Cylia