A more sustainable way of decorating during Christmas

The Christmas season is one of our favourite seasons to celebrate with family and friends. It's a month where a lot of people go all out, buy the most extravagant gifts and spend a lot of time on making the house cosy. But what if you can be more sustainable with decorating your home?

Idea 1.

A more sustainable way to decorate your house is by using items you already have in your house and just add a few things you can re-use every year.

You don't need a lot to make your house cosy. You just need a few things and than you can add your own more colourful decoration to it. If you set a foundation for every corner, you can add to it as much as you like.

Things you may already own:

  • (Vintage) books
  • Vases
  • Fairy lights or candles
  • Dried oranges and cinnamon sticks for a Christmas smell or as decoration

What you can add:

  • Christmas Wreath (or make one with dried flowers)
  • Pinecones
  • Little Christmas trees
  • Christmas branches
  • Your own colourful decoration

Here's an example of an un-used fireplace. How to re-create this look:

We added a mirror for more depth, added some dried moss/grass, pinecones, vintage books and newspapers, some Christmas branches, little Christmas trees, vases and objects and fairy lights.

And voila, it's super cosy when you put on the fairy lights in the evenings!

Idea 2.

Another sustainable way to go through the holidays season is: the way you package your gifts:

What you need

  • (Old) Linen, fabric, table cloths. It can be one colour, but prints on both sides of the cloth is fun too!

How to (method: Furoshiki):

  1. Cut your fabric in a square
  2. Place your gift in the middle of the fabric (diagonal)
  3. Grab the right bottom side and put it over your gift (tuck in the extra fabric under the gift)
  4. Grab the left top side and put it over your gift
  5. Grab the left bottom side and twist it around
  6. Grab the right bottom side and twist it around
  7. Turn around the entire gift and package (whilst holding the twists)
  8. and then make a knot
  9. Get creative with added accessoires, like dried flowers, left over Christmas branches

Idea 3.

And the last idea of decorating your home more sustainably is to not get a Christmas tree this year but to use one of your plants as a Christmas tree, a plant you already own.

(Irene showing us how to decorate your Olive tree in her home)
How are you celebrating Christmas this year?